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We, the Catholic Church of St. Timothy, trusting in the Holy Spirit and committed to the New Evangelization, seek to bring all people to a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Pastor Recommends…

Have you looked to the Patron of our Church and the spouse of our Blessed Mother?
Take a look at the timely article, "Now is the TIme of St. Joseph"
Posted March 20, 2017

Raising Strong Daughters
Offering our daughters exampler of great women in the past
Posted March 13, 2017

Mystical Lent: Sowing Seeds of Silence
Looking at interior versus exterior silence
Posted March 7, 2017

Redemption of the Erotic
An excerpt from Archbishop Chaput's new book
Posted March 1, 2017

Eight Ways to Pray During Lent
Rededicate yourself to Prayer!
Posted March 1, 2017

Encounter Lent through prayer, fasting and almsgiving
Be sure to pick up a CRS Rice Bowl on Ash Wednesday!
Posted February 17, 2017

This Lent, be part of a world-wide prayer efffort!
40 Days for Life
Posted February 17, 2017

Looking for an on-line Lenten resource?
Try Matthew Kelly's "The Best Lent Ever"
Posted February 17, 2017

Don't wait until Ash Wednesday to start preparing for Lent!
Take a look at these simple but solid suggestions.
Posted February 15, 2017

Want to make a difference in your day?
Try these Prayers of Protection every morning!
Posted February 7, 2017

A short life; an amazing story of grace
"When she died at 21, my sister's life was so much more than the sum of her accomplishments."
Posted January 31, 2017

What's pulling you away from God?

How to be a superman dad in a Kryptonite world
Posted January 30, 2017

Everyone welcome here!
The Catholic Church is home to the tasteful and the tacky, the sinners and the saints!
Posted January 30, 2017

Smile and walk into the world!
The happiest, most inspiring pro-life story you'll read today!
Posted January 30, 2017

Drawn by the miracle...
Touching a pregnant belly: Did strangers touch Mary's belly when she was pregnant with Jesus?
Posted December 2, 2016

MY TEARS JUST STOPPED: Acclaimed atheist poet becomes Catholic
Read about her just-published memoir
Posted December 2, 2016

Reconciliation n Rwanda
Powerful steps toward forgiveness & unity
Posted December 1, 2016

Young women & their growing drinking problem
Millennials may be closing the drinking gender gap
Posted November 14, 2016

Modern physics and ancient faith...
Five shocking plot twists you won't want to miss!
Posted November 9, 2017

Miracle might lead to canonization
Miraculous recovery attributed to Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati
Posted November 7, 2016

Privacy in the Confessional
Something to consider and protect!
Posted October 24, 2016

Elizabeth of the Trinity: A Saint for Our Time
A reminder to be anchored in God's prayerful presence amidst policits & social turmoil
Posted October 16, 2016

The American Solidarity Party
A third party based on Catholic teaching
Posted October 13, 2016

The Miracle of Ocotlan
Learn more about this major miracle!
Posted October 13, 2016

Horoscopes are far from 'fun and games!'
See what the Church has to say.
Posted October 10, 2016

The best conversation white people can have with black people:
"I don't understand, but I'm trying."
Posted October 3, 2016

Hooked on Jesus...
Seven Ways to Keep Your Kids Close to Jesus Christ!
Posted September 28, 2016

A look at the grown-up version of fun
The Joy of Vocation
Posted September 27, 2016

Neither Right Nor Left but Catholic
Voting and political action
Posted September 26, 2016

Affirming the Church's teaching on sexuality
'Humanae Vitae Speaks Against Distorted View of Human Sexuality'
Posted September 26, 2016

Integrity Restored
Looking for a resource to help restore the integrity of individuals, spouses, and families that have been affected by pornography and pornography addiction?
Posted August 19, 2016

A must-read about the controversial question of how we came to be.
How did we get here? A Catholic read on evolution
Posted August 16, 2016

The US is reporting the lowest birth rate ever recorded in the nation
Read how "America's Birth rate is now a national emergency"
Posted August 16, 2016

Science is the oppressor in a world that transcends the infrastructure of life
Read more in "Materialism: The False God of Modern Science!
Posted July 25, 2016

"The Godlessness of Cultural Uniformity"
The Creator, not convenience, is the center of our universe 
Posted July 22, 2016

Opposition to legalization of recreational marijuana in Arizona
Read the Arizona Catholic Conference of Bishops' Statement here
Posted July 1, 2016

Why I am never leaving the Catholic Church, and neither should you!
Some points to ponder...
Posted June 24, 2016.

Draft women? Let's abolish the draft.
Some t houghts from the National Catholic Register
Posted June 24, 2016

Learning Lectio Divina
The hot AZ summers are a GREAT time for this...
Posted June 24, 2016

Did Jesus have a wife?

Take a look at this fascinating article in The Atlantic!
Posted June 17, 2016

Check out this new novena app
It'll keep you praying!
Posted June 10, 2016

Avoiding Confession?
Take a look at these 13 unfortunate but common excuses for NOT going to Confession.
Posted June 7, 2016

"I thought it was all about homophobia until I watched this video."
Making sense of mariage
Posted May 6, 2016

"Create in Me a Clean Heart"
Read the entire document here.
Posted April 22, 2016

Gadgets or God?
Where is YOUR attention?
Posted April 22, 2016

Pornography and the curse of total sexual freedom
Statistics are startling!
Posted April 22, 2016

When we care for the poor, we lend to the Lord.
He pays back in full!
Posted April 21, 2016

Looking for remedies for Sorrow?
Look to St. Thomas Aquinas!
Posted April 21, 2016

Awakening Christians and the West at Regensburg
Ten years later
Posted April 5, 2016

Viewing Mass as nourishment and not an obligation
Attending Mass isn't a chore, it's a gift.
Posted April 5, 2016

Church shopping is a way of life for millennial Christians.
Let's hope they find a home in THE Church!
Posted March 29, 2016

Are you a new Catholic or do you know a new Catholic?
Immerse yourself in a faith that anchors you to Christ.
Posted March 29, 2016

The New Evangelization needs a focus on fathers.
And men's conferences are only a start.
Posted March 29, 2016

Does science prove God exists?
Take a look at the stars and dandelions.
Posted March 29, 2016

Share your faith at work--without saying a word...
Yes you can!
Posted March 29, 2016

Ready to listen to some solid CDs that deepen our understanding of the wonders of Creation and Redemption?
Here's a useful list.
Posted March 29, 3016

Aborted children are never invisible
See how the words of Madeleine Roe inadvertantlly bring her baby to life.
Posted March 29, 2016

The greatest prayer Fr. Paul Scalia could offer for his father...
Read his wise and heart-felt words here.
Posted March 29, 2016

Have you ever felt attached by the devil during Lent?
Watch out for these ploys.
Posted March 29, 2016

St. Thomas isn't around to comment, but Mark Shea does answer some atheists' arguments.
See his recent blog post here.
Posted March 17, 2016

Who is the Lady in Blue that Pope Francis venerated in Mexico?
Read more about Our Lady of Health here.
Posted March 15, 2016
Viewing Mass as nourishment, not as an obligation
Mass attendance isn't a chore; it's a gift from God!
Posted April 5, 2015

Awakening Christians and the West at Regensburg
Ten years later
Posted April 5, 2016

The Pope and the Patriarch
Of unity & reconciliation...
Posted March 11, 2016

The Doritos Commercial and NARAL
An arcane academic discussion that's relevant today
Posted March 7, 2016

See what columnist Kathy Schiffer has to say!
Should the Catholic Church sell St. Peter's Basilica & give proceeds to the poor?
Posted March 7, 2016

How MERCY frees us from bad memories.
An interview you'll want to read
Posted March 3, 2016

Ten Lessons from Padre Pio for Lent
Falling into complacency isn't an option
Posted Feb. 29, 2016

God's Gift of Lent
40 days to follow Jesus in the desert
Posted February 26, 2016

Are we directed by habit or holiness?
Something to ponder during Lent!
Posted February 12, 2016

Want to have THE BEST LENT EVER?
See what Matthew Kelly has to say and sign up for a daily e-mail feed!

Posted February 12, 2016

Click here today!

Take a look and see what the Pope thinks we should do for Lent!
Posted February 8, 2016

Here are some helpful answers to typical questions about the Catholic Faitih.
Take a look and learn more about sharing your faith.
Posted February 8, 2016

Have you ever wondered how to share your personal testimony?
You'll find some great ideas in this article!
Posted February 8, 2016

Keep the Year of Mercy in front of you every day!
Check out this free app from Our Sunday Visitor. 

Living the Spiritual Works of Mercy as a family...
Denver Catholic has some ideas.

Plagued by spiritual procrastination?
Here's a cure!

54 ways to be merciful during the Year of Mercy
A list you'll want to print and keep throughout the year!

Just what is a Holy Door?
Learn just what it means to walk through a Holy Door! 

Living the spiritual works of mercy as a family
Read this article for some practical tips!

True gratitude is a grace--a gift from God
Take a look at these thoughts to help deepen gratitude.

Why every man should study classical culture
Find out what classical culture can teach men today about manliness.

What every Catholic should know about prophecy of the end times
Christ's Church is always under attack.

Sublime chant-Sublime prayer
Using Chant to help your prayer life

The countdown continues as we approach the Year of Mercy
Find the latest news here!

Just what is the Islamic State and what does it want?
Read more in this article from The Atlantic Magazine.

The Holy Door in St. Peter's Basilica is uncovered as the Year of Mercy approaches
Read more from the Vatican here!

NPR Interviews Bishop Robert Barron
A much-loved priest listens to the Holy Spirit and discusses the Church's story!

Want to draw your children back to the Church?
Read this reflection on an amazing new resource!

How to discuss same-sex "marriage" with dissenting family members
The holidays are coming up...this article could be helpful!

Islam and the Closing of the Secular Mind
What we need are open minds and serious contemporary conversations about religion 

The Best Advice for Discerning God's Will
Want to feel true peace? When making decisions, turn to prayer and feel God's will.

Nine things you need to know about "Maria Divine Mercy."
Who is she? What does she say? What should we make of all this?

Men of the Parish: "Into the Breach," the video version
Have you seen the video that accompanies Bishop Olmsted's INTO THE BREACH? If not, be sure to check it out! 

The 5 Things Your Kids Will Remember About You
You'll want to do more than take a look at this list! Make it a way of life to help raise happy kids!

Women in the Church & Conversations That Evangelize
Author Carrie Gress discusses a "theology of woman," practical approaches to evangelizing loved ones and her new book on St. John Paul II's Krakow.

Thanks, Mom by Simcha Fisher
Gratitude makes life livable!

All Things Spooky  
An apologist explains why Catholicsshould avoid dabbling in the occult. 
Posted October 26, 2015

How to Pray Lectio Divina With Kids
Time? With three young kids? I have almost no time! So I have to improvise. And after years of messy practice, here’s the way we pray lectio divina with the least among us. Read more.
Posted October 26, 2015

13 Surprising Facts from the Inspired Life of St. John Paul II
Here are 13 amazing facts about his incredible life that you may not have known. Read more.
Posted October 26, 2015

The Third Way
A 40-minute documentary film focusing on the Catholic Church’s teachings regarding Homosexuality. View the movie or learn more here.
Posted October 26, 2015

Seventh Spiritual Work of Mercy: Praying for the Living and Dead
The final spiritual work of mercy is surprisingly simple and accessible to all: “pray for the living and the dead.” However, at the same time it is very easy to forget in a culture where we are taught to be independent and divorced from our past. Read more.
Posted October 26, 2015

Playful in prayer? A miniature tabernacle
This miniature tabernacle – a portable shrine – is a boxwood microcarving which is as much a virtuoso plaything as an aid to devotion. Made in the northern Netherlands around 1510, this extraordinary object comes apart in three main sections, unfolding like a flower to reveal tiny carved scenes telling the life of Jesus Christ. View the movie or learn more here.
Posted October 26, 2015

Desire of the Everlasting Hills Movie
Three intimate and candid portraits of Catholics who try to navigate the waters of self-understanding, faith and homosexuality.. View the movie and study guide to learn more.
Posted October 26, 2015

The Best Advice for Discerning God’s Will
Personally I have had to discern God’s will many times over the years. At first I had to make the big decision of what to do after high school. In the last two years before I graduated, I had a deep conversion and sincerely wanted to do God’s will. At first I thought I was called to enter college and then get married. While praying, I didn’t have a lot of peace about the situation, but I really liked this girl that I was dating. I didn’t want to give it all up, so I persisted and applied to a local university. Read more.
Posted October 26, 2015

Pope Francis’ Latest Convert: Kirsten Powers
Powers, who grew up in the Episcopal Church, became an evangelical about 9 years ago, after attending Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York. Listening to Tim Keller preach opened the door for her to believe in God. Read more.
Posted October 26, 2015

The Eucharistic Miracle of Buenos Aires
Have you heard about The Eucharistic Miracle of Buenos Aires? Watch the video about the 1996 miracle here.
Posted October 19, 2015

Are you ready to step into the breach?
Bishop Olmsted’s Apostolic Exhortation, Into the Breach is a letter of encouragement and hope, addressed to all of the men of our Diocese. Download the letter here, or visit the website to learn more.
Posted October 19, 2015

Tim Staples Presenting at Men of Iron Retreat, November 20-22 
Tim Staples is presenting at our November 20-22 Men of Iron Retreat. He has an amazing conversion story and so many other valuable insights. Learn more about his story by visiting his blog
Posted October 19, 2015

33 Days to Morning Glory
Stopped by the Giftshop recently? We’ve got an amazing array of books and other inspirational materials, including 33 Days to Morning Glory for the upcoming Consecration to Jesus through Mary.
Posted October 19, 2015

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