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We, the Catholic Church of St. Timothy, trusting in the Holy Spirit and committed to the New Evangelization, seek to bring all people to a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.


St. Timothy Music Ministry is a team of musicians whose purpose is to create music that gives glory to God and draws the faithful closer to God.

"Music is a sign of God’s love for us and of our love for him." - USCCB [1]

Music itself is a powerful instrument that can lift up hearts and direct our praise to God.  Because of this, music serves a pivotal role in the prayer of St. Timothy Catholic Church, especially in the Mass, which is the source and summit of our Catholic Faith.  The Mass is at the heart of The New Evangelization, since it is "through which the work of our redemption is accomplished, most of all in the divine sacrifice of the Eucharist."[2]  St. Timothy Music Ministry's focus is to serve the prayer of the Mass so that our music "makes the liturgical prayers of the Christian community more alive and fervent so that everyone can praise and pray to the Triune God more powerfully, more intently and more effectively."[3]  We also support many other ministries of the parish in order to foster the movement of the Holy Spirit and to continue to guide every member of the community deeper into the love of God.

Much of the music we use at St. Timothy's can be found at ocp.orgworshiptogether.com, and illuminarepublications.com
[1] "Sing to the Lord," United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, 2; [2] Sacrosanctum Concilium: Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy from the Second Vatican Council, 2; [3] Pope Pius XII, Musicae Sacrae Disciplina, 31
Adult Choir
The role of a liturgical singer is humbly and prayerfully to use his/her vocal talents to enhance the weekly liturgies through sung prayer.  To find out more information on the audition process and to schedule a preliminary audition, email our Music Director, David Mares at dmares@sttimothymesa.org and visit the "Auditions" tab.  The Adult Choir is open to those in ninth (9th) grade and above.

Choir Rehearsal Schedule
Weekly Instrumentalists
The role of a volunteer musician is humbly and prayerfully to use his/her musical talents to enhance the weekly liturgies through music.

Instruments include:
  • piano
  • acoustic and electric guitar
  • bass
  • drums
  • keyboards (Hammond B3 and synth pads)
  • solo instruments: violin, viola, cello, and flute

To find out more information on the audition process and to schedule an audition, email our Music Director, David Mares, at dmares@sttimothymesa.org and visit the "Auditions" tab.  Volunteering as an instrumentalist for weekly Masses is open to those in ninth (9th) grade and above.

Youth Choir
Anyone in grades 2 through 8 is invited to sing in our youth choir. The Youth Choir provides music for Christmas (December 25, 2017) and Easter (April 1, 2018). Through the Youth Choir, children and young teens have an opportunity to lift their voices in praise. Not only do these youth learn musical rudiments and training about how to sing for the glory of God, but they also have an opportunity to experience hands-on the Church's teaching on sacred music as an expression of worshipful prayer.

Rehearsals take place 4-5 PM in the Church for three Wednesdays preceding each feast day.

Rehearsals for Easter:
Wednesday, March 7th at 4 PM
Wednesday, March 14th at 4 PM
Wednesday, March 21st at 4 PM

Singers can join any time throughout the year prior to each feast day by attending the first rehearsal and filling out a sign-up form.  If you have any questions, contact David Mares at dmares@sttimothymesa.org.

Christmas Youth Choir Rehearsal Music

To select individual songs, click the menu button on the top left of the video, or once
the video is playing, use the "forward" and "back" buttons next to the "play" button.

Seasonal Instrumental Ensemble (Orchestra)
We have a Seasonal Instrumental Ensemble consisting of strings, woodwinds, and brass that play at the high solemnities throughout the liturgical year, including Christmas (December 25, 2017), Easter (April 1, 2018), and Pentecost (May 20, 2018). This entails only seasonal commitment while providing greater musical enhancement to those feasts.

The orchestra rehearses Thursdays 7:00-9:00pm for three weeks preceding each feast day.

Rehearsal Schedule for Easter:
March 8
March 15
March 22

If you are interested in serving in our Seasonal Instrumental Ensemble, contact David Mares at dmares@sttimothymesa.org to set up an audition.
We are always looking for musicians who are seeking to serve God and the community.  If you are an adult or teen (ninth grade and above) interested in volunteering as an instrumentalist or vocalist, click on the other tabs above to learn more about different opportunities to serve within the music ministry.  For any questions about the audition process or to schedule an audition, email our Music Director, David Mares at dmares@sttimothymesa.org.

  • You must be a registered parishioner of St. Timothy Catholic Community
  • You must have attended a Diocesan approved Safe Environment Training class (requires yearly renewal) -  safeenvironmenttraining.org
  • Vocalists must be able to sing in tune
  • Instrumentalists must be able to read music, play in every key signature, and to transpose as needed
  • You must be able to follow musical instruction from the leader
  • You must understand and actively support our vision

  • Show great reverence for the liturgy and the Eucharist by your attitude and actions
  • Strive to distinguish yourself by Christian life, faith and morals
  • Dress appropriately
  • Fully and actively participate in the Mass
  • Vocalists must attend weekly vocal rehearsals
  • Season Instrumental Ensemble must attend scheduled rehearsals
  • Notify music director of absences
  • Rehearse music on your own throughout the week
  • Arrive on time to rehearse before Mass

Audition Preparation

Download Audition Packet and Sheet Music

The Adult Choir, Weekly Instrumentalists, and Seasonal Instrumental Ensemble use a program called Planning Center to coordinate scheduling and distribute weekly sheet music and audio resources:

If you have not yet logged in to your account and still need to set your password, use the following link: https://accounts.planningcenteronline.com/password/new.

Volunteer Training Video for Planning Center

This video tutorial shows general users of Planning Center how to get started with Planning Center Online. You will learn how to respond to scheduling request emails, login, manage your schedule online, block out dates, view your account settings and enable text messaging notifications, and view service details & download any available files. For links to download the Planning Center mobile app, visit www.planningcenteronline.com/apps

In addition to the many opportunities to volunteer as a musician, we have other volunteer opportunities:

Visual Media Tech
Produce and run lyric software (ProPresenter) from a computer for Masses and events, typically on Wednesday evenings.

Worship Aid Designer
Design and create paper worship aids using either Adobe Illustrator or Microsoft Publisher.  Experience and/or interest in graphic design is preferred.

Digital Music Assistant
Create and edit sheet music arrangements using Sibelius.  Must be comfortable learning/using computer software and have a music background.  No instrumental arranging experience is necessary, but is helpful.

While these volunteer positions are unpaid, they provide a great help in assisting the parish and the music ministry.  All volunteer positions are open to adults and high schoolers (ninth-grade and above), and must keep up to date with Diocesan Safe Environment policies.  For more information on how to volunteer, contact David Mares at dmares@sttimothymesa.org.
Learn more about sacred music and the Liturgy in order to serve more effectively as a music minister :

Bishop Olmsted's recent writings on sacred music:
"Singing the Mass: Liturgical Music as Participation in Christ"

United States Conference of Catholic Bishop's Document on Music:
Sing to the Lord - Music in Divine Worship (2007)

Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy from the Second Vatican Council:
Sacrosanctum Concilium (1963)

Instruction on Music in the Liturgy from the Second Vatican Council:
Musicam Sacram (1967)

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