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We, the Catholic Church of St. Timothy, trusting in the Holy Spirit and committed to the New Evangelization, seek to bring all people to a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

Filming the Faith Ministry

Mission statement:
"To produce, with forethought and purpose, creative films that catechize and share the Catholic faith."


updated September 9, 2016

The St. Michael Prayer
Do you know the St. Michael Prayer? Do you know it's history and depth? When you recite the prayer, is it out of habit? What are our battles?  
Filming the Faith produced this short film to answers those very questions.  We hope you find this enlightens your understanding of the St. Michael Prayer.

This short film was created to show during Masses on Stewardship sunday.  Fr. Charlie preached the importance of tithing and this film makes light of our ministries asking for funds after Masses.

The Birthday Card

This short film was created for two reasons.  First, to see if the FTF ministry had enough proper volunteers as crew members and also to see if we could achieve the look and feel of film. Secondly, was to enter in a film contest sponsored by Rode microphones and hope to win more gear for the ministry. This film was not publicized; for it's purpose was experimental.

The Birthday Card - Behind the scenes

This is a look at the Filming the Faith ministry in action.  This behind the scenes (BTS) was needed for entry into the RodeReel film contest.  It gives us a great look into our ministry.  This film was not publicized; for it's purpose was experimental.

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